As a company, Bitdollar Capital has 4 principles that it stands by concerning its commitments to the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

We are committed to benefitting from the collective investment acumen of our investors, and that also means both providing educational resources and open communication for those that are new or less experienced in cryptocurrencies so that they can advance at a faster pace and have the opportunity to positively impact our debate on the best cryptocurrencies sooner.


We are committed to providing clarity to the cryptocurrency community by guiding fundamental analysis pertaining to the entities behind these cryptocurrencies, while at the same time offering our investors an easy way to research any cryptocurrency through our prices, charts, news, forums, and videos sections of our site and mobiles app.


We are committed to providing a relatively safer place for those investors that are wanting exposure to major cryptocurrencies or ICOs. Both of our planned funds will involved asset backed cryptocurrencies. such as by gold and oil, in order to provide returns that are uncorrelated to cryptocurrencies, resulting in lower volatility. Additionally, we want reduce the number of bad investments made through our regular investor elections, as well as through the educational resources that we provide to all of our registered investors.


We are committed to be an objective facilitator in the cryptocurrency market and community. Above all else though, we are committed to be a force for good in crypto and an effectively self-regulating institution with integrity that is respected by the community at large.


i2 Fund

Bitdollar Capital will offer 2 collectively managed funds in the future: Bitdollar Fund and i2 Fund (ICO Innovation Fund). The table below compares our 2 planned collectively managed funds:

Both funds will hold regular elections among its registered investors, with Bitdollar Fund featuring annual elections and i2 Fund offering quarterly elections. Both funds include asset-backed cryptocurrencies to provide uncorrelated returns and to reduce volatility, and both funds will have their own communities and team of analysts that support due diligence and research.
The pre-sale for Bitdollar Fund begins February 2nd, with its ICO beginning March 2nd.
The ICO for i2 Fund, and its cryptocurrency iCash, will be held in the second half of 2019.


We have an all-star team to execute our vision

Nick Kitcharoen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nick has a love for financial markets and is an entrepreneur at heart. He has 15 years of combined experience in corporate finance (mostly in a forecasting, planning, and analysis capacity) and trading in financial markets, both manually and algorithmically.  Most recently he was head of Acumen Algorithms LLC, a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), but has moved on to completely focus on Bitdollar Capital.  Mr. Kitcharoen holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA in finance from Cornell University.

Nataliia Sytai

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Nataliia is a seasoned IT professional that brings 15 years of experience to the team, most recently as a Network Engineer for Google. She has also been involved in research and development (R&D) efforts with Google focusing on network engineering. Nataliia has a passion for technology, and will be leading all future technology development efforts for the Fund. Ms. Sytai holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from National Technical University of Ukraine.

Henry Avery

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Henry is an accomplished business development leader with experience identifying and closing marketing and product enhancement partnerships to increase territory coverage and build the sales pipeline, working for companies such as Oracle in the past.  Prior to his business development career, Henry had a career in finance, which included roles in sales and trading, mergers and acquisitions, audit, corporate consolidations, and financial planning. Mr. Avery holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Morris Brown College and an MBA in finance from Cornell University.

Kent Schmeckpeper

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Kent brings over 20 years of financial service experience to the team. Most recently, Kent was the SVP of Product and Marketing Operations of Meridian-IQ, a FinTech start-up, and the leading supplier of sales and marketing data on financial advisors.  For the bulk of his career, Kent was involved in strategic marketing and product development at leading financial services firms including Jackson National Life, INVESCO Funds, PNC Institutional Management, and Accenture. Mr. Schmeckpeper holds both an MBA and Bachelor’s in economics from the University of Michigan.


Simon Cocking

ICO Advisor, Europe

Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and is also one of the top-ranked ICO advisors in the world.

Jen Buakaew

ICO Advisor, Asia & Australia

Known as Crypto Jen, she is a voice of progress to the crypto community and one of the world’s most highly regarded female crypto influencers. 

Simon Choi

 ICO Advisor, Legal

An international lawyer, Simon has advised many ICO projects globally and contributes with his in-depth knowledge of international law.

Yuko Nakatsumi

ICO Advisor, Japan

A blockchain believer, Harvard Business School MBA, and well-connected to the corporate and start-up world in Japan.


Chip Poncy

ICO Advisor, Compliance

Former Director of the US Treasury’s Office for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes. President of the Financial Integrity Network, a strategic advisory firm.


Robert Alexander

ICO Advisor, Branding & Social

CEO of 360WISE Media, a major-market media operators in the US and a leader in social media marketing, news, and brand and public figure advertisement.


Lucas Cervigni

ICO Advisor, Latin America

An experienced advisor, entrepreneur, and panelist in the cryptocurrency world, he is also a television host and author.

Thais Targinno

ICO Advisor, Brazil

An economist for a major South American construction corporation and an emerging ICO advisor in Brazil and Latin America.

John Poncy

John Poncy

ICO Advisor, Strategy

An executive with over 20 years of experience in the defense & telecom industries. Former Major in the US Army, West Point grad, & Wharton MBA.


Savio Gomez

ICO Advisor, Strategy

Having close to 3 decades of diverse experience in the Transportation & Technology field, he is a certified Blockchain & AI professional as well as a Master Mariner.


Our vision is to become a worldwide cryptocurrency institution that looks after its investors by guiding fundamental analysis and conducting proper due diligence through a network of both in-house and regional cryptocurrency analysts around the world. By doing this, we will effectively regulate aspects of the cryptocurrency market due to being motivated by clarity and financial returns.

  • There will be both in-house and regional cryptocurrency analysts that will conduct our due diligence. Our in-house analysts will be salaried employees of Bitdollar Capital and will go through intense formal training pertaining to fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies and best practices. Regional cryptocurrency analysts are from the community itself and are unpaid positions. There is basic training offered for regional analysts, and it provides a great opportunity for anyone wanting to increase their profile as a cryptocurrency analyst in their region and to build or augment their reputation. There is the possibility that regional analysts can convert to become full in-house analysts of Bitdollar Capital.
  • In addition to our current world headquarters in Estonia, we envision having regional headquarters and offices to facilitate cryptocurrency education and community outreach. Virtual offices will be ok in some instances, and aspiring blockchain professional that wants to open a regional office for us in their area can use this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves.
  • We envision and desire to be able to accept American investors (and other citizens of restricted countries) by late 2019, and we also desire to eventually move Bitdollar Capital to the United States.


See our most frequently asked questions

Bitdollar Capital is the management company, or administrator, of two collectively managed funds, Bitdollar Fund and i2 Fund (ICO Innovation Fund).

A collectively managed fund is a fund that is managed jointly by its investors through elections or voting. The transparency of blockchain technology enables the peace of mind of knowing that all investors will have the exact amount of voting power based on how many tokens that they hold.

Another way to think of this concept is as a worldwide investment club with perfect voting rights or perfect input on investment decisions. Generally speaking, investment clubs are local and while investment decisions are supposed to be determined by the club as a whole, oftentimes decisions are made by the leader of the club.

All cryptocurrency components of the Fund will be added via quarterly or annual elections where investors will decide whether or not to add a new cryptocurrency to the Fund. The core components of the Fund must have between 3 and 30 cryptocurrencies within it, while the non-core components must have between 3 to 5 cryptocurrencies within it. No more than 2 core cryptocurrency components can be added in a given election, and no more than 1 core cryptocurrency component can be removed in a given election year. Please see the Bitdollar Fund Constitution in our white paper for further details.

You certainly could, but you would also need to rebalance core-components yearly and non-core components as often as quarterly. When you invest with us, you don’t need to worry about all of that. Additionally, you would not benefit from any market premium over the value of the underlying assets of the Fund. Lastly, you wouldn’t get to take part in the fun of being part of our community, giving your opinion, getting exposure, helping others, and being part of something new that has never been done before. We hope you’ll join us!

Bitdollar Fund is limited company that is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Overall, we intend to provide clarity to the cryptocurrency community by guiding fundamental analysis and facilitating research, while at the same time providing a relatively safer entry point for new investors. We want to be the organization that brings cryptocurrency to the masses in a responsible way, by simplifying the initial choice of which crypto to pick while also providing great community and educational resources to learn from about the field to get started. We also hope to become a trusted, respected, and everlasting institution of the cryptocurrency market that will help “self-regulate” crypto in that it will try to protect investors from bad investments on a fundamental basis by holding these organizations accountable and performing the necessary due diligence on them.

During Phase 1 (2019), we intend to market Bitdollar Fund to the cryptocurrency and finance communities, targeting those that already have experience in cryptocurrency or finance. In Phase 2 (2020) of the ICO and beyond, we intend to have more of a mass market advertising approach targeting primarily millennials that have no experience in either cryptocurrency or investing/finance.

In terms of our brand, we want to be different than everyone else. First and foremost we wanted a name and logo that were catchy, distinctive, and easy to remember (which for some odd reason seems to be rare in crypto). Not only do we want to be perceived as futuristic or innovative like everyone else in the industry, but we also want to be perceived as youthful, cool, and luxurious in order to eventually bring cryptocurrencies more mainstream. We are confident that we have the overall vision and the team in place necessary to accomplish this.

Yes, we will release our 2nd fund, the ICO Innovation Fund, or i2 Fund, within the next year. As is the case with Bitdollar Fund, i2 Fund will be a collectively managed fund as well, however this time the investment focus will be on innovative ICO investments. The cryptocurrency for i2 Fund will be iCash and will be a safer way for those that are new to cryptocurrencies to get exposure to ICO investment opportunities.

Bitdollar Capital intends to be a force for good in the cryptocurrency markets by providing clarity regarding blue chip cryptocurrencies and ICOs, therefore reducing the number of bad investments made due to the power of investing by consensus. Bitdollar Capital does not intend to be a fund factory motivated by operational profit and prefers to focus on its 2 planned funds by administering them well.

Fundamental and technical analysis are two different ways of analyzing a financial market or financial instrument. Fundamental analysis is based on the factors that should have the ability to affect the given financial instrument’s value. Corporate profits for stocks and supply changes/shocks for oil would be examples of fundamental factors impacting value.

Technical analysis uses indicators on price charts to try to determine where the price will go next. Even though there are many that criticize technical analysis for a multitude of reasons, it is hard to deny that certain price patterns tend to repeat themselves. For this reason and the fact that there are enough market participants that believe that technical analysis matters, technical analysis tends to matter in more mature markets.

More experienced traders and investors use varying combinations of fundamental and technical analysis, but fundamental analysis is associated more with long-term investing, whereas technical analysis is more associated with shorter-term investing or trading.

The number of transactions and transaction volume should be the most important fundamental factors for a cryptocurrency since it reflects the level of demand for it.

Our argument is that if a fiat currency’s value (relative to other currencies) is a reflection of the activity within its economy, then a cryptocurrency’s value (as a store of value and medium of exchange) is a reflection of the activity within its economy, or on its blockchain or decentralized application. This activity is represented in the number of transactions and transaction volume. As a result, in attempting to forecast the future value of these cryptocurrencies on a fundamental basis, the most relevant question to ask is what is the organization doing to increase the number of transactions and transaction volume on its blockchain or decentralized app in the future? Additionally, when assessing these organizations on a fundamental level, another important question to ask is how much have these entities actually achieved compared to the hype surrounding them?

Absolutely!  Differing views and healthy debate in the fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies are fully welcomed at Bitdollar Fund.

All chats and debates in our forums must stay respectful. All registered investors that violate this culture of mutual respect in our forums could face the loss of rights such as the ability to post videos or in the forums, as well as potentially losing the right to vote.

It’s pretty simple really; treat others how you would like to be treated and be respectful. Do not act childish toward your fellow registered investors or call them names. Doing these sorts of things will result in the revocation of your registered investor privileges, and repeat offenses will result in more privileges lost and could result in losing your registered investor status altogether. It is imperative that everyone in our community treats each other respectfully, and we will highly enforce this going forward.

We plan to facilitate research on the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies by making it easier to access information. As of now, prices, charts, news, forums, and videos are spread out over many different websites. This can be confusing for some, especially those that are new to cryptocurrencies. We intend to have all of those sources of information cleanly available within one site or mobile app for the convenience of our investors.

Phase 1 of the Bitdollar ICO starts March 2nd. Pre-sale begins February 2nd.

No, the only investment contributions to the Fund will be in cryptocurrency. No fiat currency or cash will be accepted.

Due to the extreme levels of volatility in the cryptocurrency market, investing in cryptocurrencies should be considered very risky, and you should only risk what you can afford to lose.

With high risk comes the potential for high returns though, and those that got in early on the major cryptocurrencies of today would certainly tell you that it is a great investment regardless of the higher level of risk. At the same time, there is a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies at the moment and there have been many ICOs that have taken advantage of investors through scams and deception. The cryptocurrency market is very immature and has a high degree of confusion at the moment, and we hope to make it more mature and provide more clarity to all.

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